What if games were more than solitary entertainment or power fantasies?

I believe games can empower young people to engage with tough questions. Questions which are cloaked in fear and we're taught are too complex for us to answer, such as How does our economy work? or What can we do to avoid running out of natural resources?

I want to create a safe space for kids to explore different actions and their consequences, learning about trade-offs and balancing for the greater good. For them to feel empowered to form their own opinions, because it's young people who are going to be the problem-solvers of the next 50 years!

Hey there

I am Matteo

Over the last 10 years, I've developed digital products for clients like the BBC, and lectured at universities around the UK. I love teaching people of all ages how to use technology to express their ideas.

I've had the privilege of teaching hundreds of people, but there was always a nagging question at the back of my mind. How can I reach even more people? How can I facilitate a learning experience that doesn't require a teacher?

I’ve been toying with the idea of making games since I was 11. I believe games can teach anything, and they’re especially good at making complex systems understandable.

So I prototyped a game about the system of our times: capitalism.

This is Beesness

It’s a game about capitalist bees!

You play as the CEO of a strange hive, where bees do business like humans.

Your mandate is to maximise honey profits, no matter what.

Will you manage to grow your beesness and outperform your competitors, while avoiding environmental beesaster?

Wanna play it?

I host semi-regular game nights in London with friends and their friendly +1s :)

Come play with us!

Usually on a Friday evening at the V&A where I'm currently game designer in residence

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